High-level quality for each part

According to lab test result,
0.5hp motor is enough for OVICX treadmill,
while we finally choose 0.65hp motor in order to lengthen its use life.

Four Brains not only make OVICX treadmill strong, but smart as well

Four independent “Brains” cooperate with each other and synchronously collect and process the sensor information to meet your needs.
With the updated data, the running exercise can be more scientific and healthy!

  • MCU from ST
  • LCD Drive Clip
    from Taiwan Hetai
  • Touching Key Clip
    from Taiwan Hetai
  • Drive Clip
    from Fairchild Semiconductor
4 layer System

Anti-slip Track by 4-layer Damping System

Diamond-patterned Running Belt Static Yarn Layer Anti-slip Area High-strength Steel Frame
Professional Damping Technic

Damping system with 10 rubber cylinders ensure great protection of knee and noise control

safe running

From walking to jogging and then to running,
OVICX treadmill let you gradually get used to running speed.
You can control the running speed or stop running conveniently.

Options of Flat-Ground and
Uphill Modes

You can choose either the flat or incline mode for different exercise intensity

10.9Uphill mode 5.2Flat-Ground mode
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XQIAO 智能系统

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